With almost four decades of experience as founding partner of a law firm that earned an important reputation at the international level, Ernesto Díaz-Bastien in 2015 he founded the firm Ernesto Díaz-Bastien & Asociados.

EDBA will offer personalized legal services adapted to each client’s particular needs and interests, on both the national and international levels. We believe that just as individual people, companies and entities are unique, so must be the strategy to defend their interests.


Ernesto Díaz-Bastien & Associates’ personalized legal service is based on the ability to study the most demanding cases. We understand the importance of the work we take on and thus devote all the time necessary to analyzing the situation. We have the means necessary to make a thorough and meticulous analysis of each case. A painstaking diagnosis is the basis of a successful strategy.

To properly carry out personalized legal services as we conceive them, it is of the utmost importance to combine experience with modernity. Tradition should combine with our profession’s dynamism. Solid theoretical and practical preparation is key, and commitment to continued study imperative.

Over years of practicing law, the professionals who form Ernesto Díaz-Bastien & Associates have earned the trust of the most demanding and selective clients. We know that each case requires different strategies and solutions, so we provide exclusive and personalized treatment to each client. Our style is “tailor made” to the individual client.

Today’s reality transcends geographical limits and our clients need strategies that resolve their needs at an international level. We have experience in transnational judicial representation and mediation, rulings, partnerships and contracts. We put this experience at our clients’ disposal to meet their requirements.

The careers of the firm’s attorneys have been devoted to both national and international law. All the attorneys in the firm have broad experience in the international sphere. They are familiar with the law and its application in numerous jurisdictions, and boast many international collaborations.

Within the firm, Spanish, English, French, Italian and Catalan are spoken with professional fluency.

Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 15, 1º – centro derecha, 28010 Madrid
Tel.: 915 23 67 65