Ángela Díaz-Bastien, announced as a member of the Editorial Board of the magazine «Juriste International»

Ángela Díaz-Bastien, partner and lawyer at the firm Ernesto Díaz-Bastien & Asociados, will be part of the editorial board of the publication Juriste International, of the International Association of Lawyers. Thus, Díaz-Bastien, current member of the UIA and director of Protection of Lawyers’ Human Rights at the Institute for the Rule of Law, joins other members of the organization to continue with the quarterly publication of the magazine, whose editor-in-chief is the distinguished American attorney Barbara J. Gislason.

The magazine will have a new editorial board made up of members from more than 15 countries around the world, who will offer their international point of view to all kinds of debates that may arise. Together, they will work hard to continue creating interesting and high-quality content, as well as to spark new ideas and solutions on legal, philosophical or even scientific issues.

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