Civil law and Commercial law

National and international contract law

With more than thirty years of professional experience in the commercial and civil fields, we draft, negotiate, supervise and monitor both civil and commercial contracts. We have wide recognized experience in contract law both national (both parties Spanish) as well as international (both parties foreign or one party Spanish and the other foreign), counting when necessary on local lawyers in each country due to to our alliances and international relations.

We also take care of investment contracts with States or public entities, at all stages of the process. We deal specially with turnkey contracts, FIDIC contracts (for construction or maintenance), contracts for works, public works concession contracts, public services management contracts, or contracts for supply, service or collaboration between the public and private sectors.


Inheritance law

Within the sphere of civil law, in addition to contract law we specialize in inheritance matters. We take on especially complicated national and international inheritances throughout the entire process, whether intestate or stemming from a will, either challenged or not.

We defend our clients’ interests over the entire inheritance process, both in pre-litigation negotiations and in litigation when necessary.


Nobility Law

We are widely familiar with noble title law, having defended clients in extremely complex matters, both before and after the modification of the law in 2003. It is imperative for us to carry out a meticulous and thorough defence of our clients’ interests in these matters.

The firm’s founding partner, Ernesto Díaz-Bastien, has authored various instructive articles on the topic of nobility law. He also co-authored, along with civil law professor Carlos Rogel Vide, the book “En torno a la sucesión en los títulos nobiliarios” (With Regard to the Inheritance of Noble Titles) by Reus publishers.


Intellectual property law

We represent all types of authors from the drafting and supervision of their contracts to their defence before the various bodies of authors’ or performers’ rights management, as well as before all national and international courts. We belong to ASEDA (The Spanish Association for the study of Authors’ Rights), to AISGE (Artists and Performers Management Association), to SGAE (General Association of Authors and Editors), etc.

We also represent a wide range of artists and performers from the drafting and development of their contracts to national or international court or arbitration proceedings, when necessary.