Criminal law and Human Rights

Financial and Corporate Criminal Law

We have broad experience both in the defence and the prosecution in criminal proceedings of financial, corporate and general business nature. The percentage of these procedures that ended with a final resolution in favour of our clients’ interests is notable.

It is important to highlight our dedication to white-collar crimes, or crimes related to corruption or international operations.

In the last decades, our founder Ernesto Díaz-Bastien has focussed specially on financial criminal law, having been professor and speaker in numerous courses in this area. Due to his dedication to financial criminal law, our founder has been named every year since 2005 among the world’s foremost lawyers in financial criminal law by the prestigious publication Who’s Who Legal.



The legal team at Ernesto Díaz-Bastien & Associates, and in particular its founding partner, Ernesto Díaz-Bastien, has long experience both in passive extraditions (those in which Spain is asked to extradite someone to a foreign country), and active ones (those in which Spanish courts request extradition from a foreign nation).

This experience includes extradition law generally as well as the specialized area of European Extradition Orders.


Criminal liability of legal persons

The criminal liability of legal persons is a new area, given that this figure was introduced into our criminal law system at the end of 2010. Despite this, it is a matter of vital importance for administrators and managers in any demanding company. Because of this, lawyers at Ernesto Díaz-Bastien & Associates have specialized in this field, becoming experts in drawing up programs to prevent criminal liability risk to companies and legal entities in general.

Our broad experience in financial criminal law allows us to construct specific, specialized and unique programs for each company or legal entity, to help putting them into practice, and finally, to defend the interests of the company or entity before courts of law, if it becomes necessary.


International criminal law

Our experience, particularly that of our founder Ernesto Díaz-Bastien, includes both the field of defence and coordination of transnational criminal proceedings –in which more than one jurisdiction is involved– and the defence of our clients’ interests in matters relating to the application of the universal jurisdiction.


Human Rights

We have attorneys with expertise in human rights, representing the interests of the most demanding clients before international courts of human rights. These courts are principally the European Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and the various United Nations bodies of human rights defence.

In this field, we have also contributed to the drafting of numerous opinions and expert legal reports before different foreign courts, having represented the interests of several governments, entities and foreign bodies, both public and private, in various jurisdictions, including of course Spain.