Negotiation and conflict resolution


The best way to resolve our clients’ conflicts begins by defending their interests within the terms of negotiation. Important benefits and the resolution of the conflict can often be achieved without having to resort to litigation or arbitration.


National and international litigation

With more than thirty years of experience in national and international litigation we have experts in mainly civil, criminal and commercial procedures, having achieved a very high percentage of final decisions in favour of our clients’ interests.

We have wide experience in proceedings before the jurisdictional bodies of all the national courts in various countries. Likewise before many international courts such as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights, the International Criminal Court, etc., always in defence of our clients’ interests.


National and international arbitration

We act before national and international bodies of arbitration in commercial and investment matters, operating as lawyers for one of the parties or as arbitrators. The arbitration courts of the Madrid Bar Association, of the Chamber of Commerce, of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce, of the ICC (the international Chamber of Commerce), of the SCC (the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce), as well as the CIADI (the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes are among the Courts we have acted before.

Among our attorneys there are members of the Swiss Arbitration Association, the Spanish Arbitration Club, the Arbitration Commission of the International Association of Lawyers, the European Arbitration Club, etc.


Insolvency proceedings

Within the area of litigation, we specialize in insolvency proceedings, whether involving national or international entities. We have experience as lawyers acting on behalf of the creditor, as administrators of liquidation and as lawyers for the entity in question.

Our success in every step of the process is internationally recognized.