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Our partner Sergio Berenguer participated in the latest episode of Ultima Radio

Nuestro socio Sergio Berenguer ha participado en el último episodio de Ultima Radio

Our partner Sergio Berenguer participated in the latest episode of Ultima Radio, by Economist & Jurist, where he discussed with Antonio J. Rubio Martínez the central theme of his doctoral thesis, business corruption.

Sergio addressed the general concept of corruption before delving into the elements of this crime and its normative origin in a clear and didactic manner. One of the central points of the conversation was the protected legal interest and how this issue affects the delimitation of the scope of incrimination of the criminal type, and some of the behaviors whose fit within this is more problematic.

Sergio pointed out that the crime of business corruption exclusively protects the legal interest of competition, an institution necessary for the market to function correctly (collective or super-individual legal interest). In essence, the objective of the norm is to prevent the belief that “bribes” can be used to compete and succeed in the market from being established and perpetuated.

Here are the links where you can listen to this fantastic podcast:

Economist & Jurist: Listen here

Ultima Ratio. Economist & Jurist (Spotify) (New channel): Listen here

UR30 Links:

Ivoox: Listen here

Spotify: Listen here

Apple: Listen here

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